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November 30, 2015: The NS Department of Natural Resources granted an interim Letter of Authority (LOA) to SATA Trails that...

"permits entry on the Crown Lands as required to do an assessment report/design plan associated with trail infrastructure that will: 1) assess existing bridge structures and determine repair/construction requirements, 2) provide a preliminary and detailed trail design, and 3) include draft construction tender drawings."
- From the LOA
This involves the former rail bed from East Chezzetcook to Highgway 107 in Musquodoboit Harbour.

March 2016: Using funding from a Connect2 grant with matching HRM funds SATA called for prposals for an engineering assessment of three former rail bridges. The assessment was awarded to and has been completed by CBCL. A link to the report is posted on this page. Meanwhile work is underway preparing a request for proposals (RFP) to provide a preliminary and detailed trail design under the same funding source.

The Department of Natural Resources plans to issues a RFP to develop a community consultation process to assess community wishes for development of the rail rail bed with the Dept of Health and Wellness and HRM as key stakeholders.

Porters Lake Core Greenway: A contract has been let for the first phase of the project which includes paving the pathway by the Porters Lake Elementary school. The second phase will connect across the Exit 20 overpass for the 107 highway to the Blueberry Run trail and Les Collins Drive. Construction is set to begin in the spring of 2016. See the overall plan here.

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