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What’s Happening....

April 5, 2017..... SATA is pleased to announce that the Dept of Natural Resources has officially informed us that they will be issuing a Letter of Authority to SATA for an active transportation greenway from East Chezzetcook to Musquodoboit Harbour along the abandoned rail corridor.

While 'Gaetz Brook Connector' has been used as a working name an enduring one will be open to suggestion from the community.

The letter from DNR states that their public consultation process showed strong public support for a non-motorized trail. This is very encouraging and allows us to move forward with development of the Greenway.

SATA will continue communicating with and consulting community members and stakeholders through this process. We will continue to seek community input and feedback, and to listen respectfully to everyone as we move forward with design and construction.

Gaetz Brook Connector Preliminary Plan

SATA Trails engaged WSP Consultants to carry out work in four phases: 1.) Complete an assessment of the adandoned rail corridor: 2.) Produce a preliminary plan for review; 3.) Produce a detailed design and 4.) Provide a tender package. Phase 1 has been completed and Phase 2 is substantially completed. Below is a link to a first draft of the preliminary plan for review and comment by the community. There will be a public presentation before final phases are started although the place and time have yet to be determined. In the meantime we welcome your input using the 'Contact Us' link.
Phase 2: Preliminary brief and plan
Phase 1: Assessent of existing conditions

typical cross section
Typical rest area cross section
draft bridge section
Draft bridge rehabilitation section

Porters Lake Core Greenway:

The first phase of this project was completed in 2016. The second phase will connect across the Exit 20 overpass for the 107 highway to the Blueberry Run trail and Les Collins Drive. See the overall plan here.

Bicycles on the newly paved core greenway
Core Greenway

Trying out the new pavement.

Chezzetcook River bridge
Bridge at Gaetz Brook

Gaetz Brook or Chezzetcook River

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Gaetz Brook Connector
Info Sheets

Download Gaetz Info Sheets
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Bridge Inspection Report-Final

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Porters Lake and surrounding area Active Transportation Plan.

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Making Connections

2014-2019 Halifax Active Transportation Plan
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